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We develop a customized sustainability strategy for an organization based on its unique needs and goals. This includes developing sustainability goals, identifying key performance indicators, and creating a roadmap for implementation.

Halcyon Consultant is a leading sustainable business consultancy founded in 2007. With over a decade of experience in the field, Halcyon has established itself as a trusted partner to businesses seeking to build sustainable practices and create long-term value for their stakeholders.

At Halcyon, we believe that businesses have a critical role to play in creating a sustainable future. We work with companies of all sizes, across industries, to help them integrate sustainability into their operations, strategy, and culture. We provide expert guidance and support to help our clients identify and prioritize their sustainability goals, develop and implement sustainability strategies, and measure and report on their progress.


ESG Coach | Founder and Director, Enharmonic Encounters LLC

B Certification has become one of the greatest mechanisms in today’s for-profit business world for a company to demonstrate its commitment to society and the environment in its business operations.

As a former Business Sustainability Analyst and current service provider for B Lab, I understand what it takes, having conducted numerous audits, and reviews, and having personally conferred Certification to companies all over the world. These experiences have allotted me an intimate familiarity with the entire Certification process with a nuanced view of how questions are interpreted within the B Impact Assessment. My expertise will guide you in better understanding the ins and outs of the process to put your company in the best position to succeed in obtaining Certification.




Skilled in all aspects of marketing, I bring my pioneering spirit to Halcyon’s mission to green pre-growth companies while your company ensures sales momentum. I am responsible for marketing, graphic design, copywriting, and project management. I am a Rockstar at devising creative strategies, conducting research, and analyzing competitor trends. Proficient in digital marketing, SEO, and social media.



Passionate about stewardship, I am a researcher-practitioner who believed diversity, inclusion and equity partnered with stewardship drive our economy for future generations. I am an experienced Researcher and Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the fisheries and agriculture sector. Skilled in Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods, education and office technologies.



Cole is a strategic thinker whose expertise in cultural stewardship and opportunities for Data and AI to enhance diversity, equity inclusion and to find creative, affordable process solutions for preserving our earth is critical to the success of Halcyon.

What Clients Say...

The coaching with the course material allowed me to ensure that I was on track with creating a truly actionable plan. I am excited to share this with my clients and stakeholders.
The ESG course taught by Cara MacMillan, was extremely informative and very applicable to the real world. She was able to clearly convey the complex material while remaining an unbiased source. Dr MacMillian truly cares about her stakeholders (students), and is passionate for the subject. The best part about her teaching was her ability to effectively relate the course material to the outside world and provide us with realistic advice to prepare us for our future.